The Origin of our Zebrosity

Que and I, or Jay and Que as we’re sometimes called were co-workers, friends long before we ever took an interest in each other “outside the lines” of our cubicles.  She was a friendly, positive ray of (dark) sunshine who always had kind words and smiles for everyone.  (That’s the way I remember her anyway.  She might disagree.)  I had recently turned “middle age” and was reeling from another marriage gone bad.  I certainly never expected or intended to get serious again so soon after I’d rid myself of a really bad penny. 

So Que and I took it easy going to lunch several times and chatting through e-mails, instant messages, and warm glances as we passed at work.  But that lasted just so long.  There was friendship and caring, warmth and compassion, and long, long telephone conversations into the single-digit hours of the morning.  We began to date.  As I recall– what would become one of our favorite activities together– going to the movies.  Our first movie date?  M. Night Shyamalan, Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment.  (See below for answer……)   

Before very long (we tried holding out for propriety) the heat became too intense, and we became “an item,” to use 1940s vernacular.  Since my kids might someday visit this blog, and to keep my promise to keep it G-Rated, the steamy details will remain cyber-secrets between Que and I.

It really wasn’t too much longer, I know I’m leaving out time and date measures such as “week – month – day,” etc., and on purpose you see– It’s really a little embarrassing and scary how fast I went from being adamant about not getting serious to engaged yet again.  But in fact it was several months later. 

But sometimes, and this doesn’t happen all that often, and maybe it should– sometimes your head can be wrong and your heart knows better what to do.  Que and I have been married going on eight years and I often call her, “The best decision I ever made.”  Que is definitely my Soulmate, support, biggest fan, and best friend.  Rather than “guesstimate,” I will leave it to her to someday express what all she feels for me. 

We married in December of 2000 and it truly does seem like only yesterday. 

(Answer to first date trivia question?  The Sixth Sense.)


6 responses to “The Origin of our Zebrosity

  1. Kevin M. Jaderberg

    I enjoyed reading this brief synopsis of the last 8 years. I can’t think of much else to say besides I really liked it. You gained a soul mate for the small price of one insignificant penny lol Okay, I’ll stop adding-on for fear of a good grounding. MGC’s and I love you

  2. Victoria

    Just wanted to tell you that I love this blog!! I’ve dated interracially for the last 5 yrs (currently dating a wonderful man in Ark.)and it’s so good to find couples tht I can identify with!!
    Be blessed and I will visit again

  3. Victoria – Thanks so much for checking us out. Your kind words come just in time as I have been growing a little discouraged that thoughtful comments seem to be so infrequent. I put and pour a lot of us into each post and often here in our early-going it seems to fall on deaf ears. Thanks for the much needed encouragement!!! I’ll / we’ll keep pushing on here.

  4. This story is so beautiful.

  5. jess

    Is this marriage the longest relationship for you two?

  6. Jess– I’m so sorry I didn’t respond to this sooner. (I actually had to check with Que on this one!) Our Zebra – (BW) marriage IS the longest for her, but not for me. What is true for both of us is that our eight years together (Dec. 29th thank-you) have been so wonderful that they’ve flitted by like two eye-blinks. Before we know it, my longest (13) will be eclipsed and we’ll merrily never look back or miss a happy beat. Ain’t life (with the right person) GRAND!?

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