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A few posts back, we mentioned our intentions to blitz the online social networking scene, and possibly generate enough friends and followers to help us tell the black-white interracial relationship story.  To that end, we’ve now got a facebook presence.

It’s spartan to say the least.  To date, we have no followers, no visitors, and really nobody sniffing us out.  And that’s okay– we’re really still in our infancy here.  But we hope eventually to build a community, both online and with some real life events and meet-ups.  Often Que and I crave the company, conversation, dialogue, etc., of others “like us.”  So ultimately, we’re hoping to build a whole network of friends.  (I don’t know about you, but I believe that you can never have too many friends.  Makes for a fuller, richer life.)

If any of our readers would like to share their expertise in building a multi-faceted online presence; especially some of you with the great, deep, blogs, and websites, and multimedia going on, and all that– feel free to drop us a line or two of advice.  It will be much appreciated!

If you’re in a “ZebraCouple” relationship in the Chicagoland area, please sign up as our friends (or fans– whatever) on facebook.  Follow us here and there and we promise, there will be more coming.  If, like us you’d like to socialize, network, and do some fun recreational activities with people you share a very special bond with– keep watching us here.  Tell your ZebraCouple friends.

Hey!  Just thought of another tagline:  “ZebraCouple: Changing the world, two stripes at a time.”  Wow, that’s awful.  What does that even mean!?

Thanks folks for checking in with us– and thanks in advance for helping us “Change the world……” sorry.  Can’t do it.

More soon…


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