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……… for neglecting this blog.

There are no excuses, no good reasons, no answers at all beyond life and laziness.  To those of you who’ve stopped by here– only to see the same NY Times post up here since, well, last winter– we are sorry.

We are back and recommitted to the discussion of Interracial Relationships.  Obviously the one we know best is our own, but as we’ve done in the past is solicit your experiences, victories, concerns, frustrations, ideas, opinions, and feedback.  Our original intention hasn’t changed any: to provide a blog-forum for anybody with any thoughts on any aspect of Interracial living.

We appreciate all the people check out our little cyber-spot here, and especially those of you who leave a comment or two.  Until you’ve tried this, you don’t realize how important that feedback is.  I promise you this ZebraCouple fans– whether we get 1 visitor a week, or 100– we’re here to stay this time.

Even though we mostly just feel like a regular couple going through this life, when you really think about it, we (all of us IRs) are still somewhat unique in the world.  Sometimes we forget that there is much we have to say.  We forget that the world needs a place like this little blog to read a little bit about the tiny demographic we try to represent.  Other IR couples need a place to sound off.  And those out there still clinging to outdated ideas need some place they can come to learn about the beauty we’ve all opened ourselves to.

Those are the reasons we started this little black-white chat box.

Please don’t give up on us.  We will be posting for real & regular very soon…….



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Loving Day

Now there’s a holiday I would’ve missed 10 years ago. For anyone interested in the Interracial “cause,” yes Loving Day is a holiday– at the very least it is one of those days with plenty of good reason for pause and relection. For on June 12, 1967, the United States Supreme Court ruled for Mildred and Richard Loving and struck down Virginia’s 305 year old law against miscegenation, (the cohabitation, sexual relations, or marriage of persons of different races).

Here’s a link to an interactive map which shows each state and its progression from “territory” through legalization of mixed marriages:

Ours is not a history site, it’s blog. But there’s so much more to this decision than just the court’s ruling in Loving V. Virginia. Note the timing. Wasn’t the Civil Rights Movement in full swing by 1967? As we pay mindful tribute to the Lovings, we cannot forget that, great as their struggle was, that they were standing on the big shoulders of others with courage, vision, and big dreams!

I have a tendency to take some things for granted. Certain rights feel like they’ve always been there and always will be there. I guess it’s because this was really so recent in our history, 41 years ago. And at the risk of sounding flippant, I know that it sometimes takes way too long in this country to right tragic wrongs. But I am glad that we live in a country where we can have our say, argue and protest, write to congress, vote people in, vote them out. In America we can voice our opinions. Like Amy Grant says, “It takes a little time sometimes to turn the Titanic around. Read the Lovings’ story, that’s just what they helped do.

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