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……… for neglecting this blog.

There are no excuses, no good reasons, no answers at all beyond life and laziness.  To those of you who’ve stopped by here– only to see the same NY Times post up here since, well, last winter– we are sorry.

We are back and recommitted to the discussion of Interracial Relationships.  Obviously the one we know best is our own, but as we’ve done in the past is solicit your experiences, victories, concerns, frustrations, ideas, opinions, and feedback.  Our original intention hasn’t changed any: to provide a blog-forum for anybody with any thoughts on any aspect of Interracial living.

We appreciate all the people check out our little cyber-spot here, and especially those of you who leave a comment or two.  Until you’ve tried this, you don’t realize how important that feedback is.  I promise you this ZebraCouple fans– whether we get 1 visitor a week, or 100– we’re here to stay this time.

Even though we mostly just feel like a regular couple going through this life, when you really think about it, we (all of us IRs) are still somewhat unique in the world.  Sometimes we forget that there is much we have to say.  We forget that the world needs a place like this little blog to read a little bit about the tiny demographic we try to represent.  Other IR couples need a place to sound off.  And those out there still clinging to outdated ideas need some place they can come to learn about the beauty we’ve all opened ourselves to.

Those are the reasons we started this little black-white chat box.

Please don’t give up on us.  We will be posting for real & regular very soon…….



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Interracial Blog; posting in Black and White

Hey everybody!  Excited new blogger here on a mission– to tell our story, that of a “Zebra couple,” (she African American & he Caucasian).  Many are wacky moments of learning, surprise, discovery, etc., and some are loving clashes of culture, ethnicity, and practices.  While we’ve not encountered the ugly side couples like us may have experienced some years back, we are well aware that that side is certainly still out there. 

The blogosphere is a unique environment in that it can be a great community building tool.  I am hoping to make great friends here and learn from the rest of “us” (Interracial couples) out there– even get the thoughts, feedback, opinions, of those out there on all sides of the matter.  Sometimes the anonymity of the Internet brings out the ugly-worst humanity has to offer.  We may see / hear some of that here too.  It’s okay, we can deal with it. 

We look forward to hearing from all camps; from IR couples, friends of IR couples, curious folk, angry folk too if that’s what you’re about.  Welcome to Zebracouple’s Blog!!  


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