What you’re about to read is not interracial in the sense we had in mind when we began this BW blog, but it’s subject matter that is very much racial.  And if it’s racial, then it must have black-white relevance.  (After all, this is a site cleverly named ZebraCouple’s Blog– we do focus on BW things here.)

Post, are you kidding me with this chimpanzee cartoon?  I guess you are trying to kid us all, right?  After all, isn’t that the purpose of a cartoon, to be funny?  Not sure if anyone’s told you this or not, but this frame misses the funny mark by a country mile.  Not only that, it’s incredibly insensitive to those involved with the recent tragic mauling, to our President, and most important— blatantly racist.  Unless of course you’re planning to use the hiding-it-in-broad daylight-in-plain-view defense strategy.  The one that attempts to convince people that something isn’t what it appears to be, because it’s so obvious.  “Of course it’s not racism,” I can hear their argument fermenting already.  “Only the most foolish, irresponsible  news organization would print blatant racist trash without even the hint of a veil of sarcasm or disguise.”  Say no more.  This is why the Post is the Post, and not the NY Times

Don’t bother commenting in the Post’s defense.  I might agree with you that this may have been an effort to generate some free publicity; get folks talking about them.  But if that’s the case, that makes them worse yet in my book; if this is the only way they knew to get that done.

Am I missing something here?  I mean, this is so bad that I almost didn’t want to include the link to the ‘toon.  But if you haven’t seen it, you need to.  If, like me, you’re as “Mad As He*&, and you’re not gonna take it anymore,” write the NY Rag-Post and let them know it.

*** ADDENDUM ***  It took me a couple days to come back to, and finish this post.  Not surprisingly, the controversy grew, and opinions multiplied like rabbits while I drafted this article.  Here’s a good reaction piece from across the pond.  It includes the Post’s apology, (though I don’t know how people and organizations sometimes have the stones to apologize for their own deep seated values.  Clearly what they’re sorry for is any long-term negative hurt this will do their paper.)  Also included are a few random reactions from varied talking and writing heads.

Normally I do not find myself on the same side as traditional media reactionaries, but this time seems like a no-brainer.  Even a monkey could figure this one out.




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5 responses to “SHAME ON THE NY POST

  1. An apology that amounts to an attack on those who took offence? Perhaps this will help Col Allan to get the point.

  2. musesofamom

    It’s an apology coupled with an indictment. They are trying to have it both ways . Apologize to the readers to protect the revenue, and criticize the leaders who brought the attention to the issue. It amounts to no apology at all.

  3. You point out an angle that’s not getting much attention and should. While we are discussing the racism that is so prevalent to this story, we are losing sight of the tragedy of those close to the chimp story. Especially the poor woman who was attacked. To use this in a cartoon is inexcusable and quite heartless.

    I like your blog! I enjoyed reading some of your posts and will return to read more. I hope Que is continuing to recover.

    Thank you for visiting my [blog] and for your comments. Take care, Shirl

  4. Natalie

    I seriously gasped when I saw that comic D:

  5. Gayle

    Stumbled on your blog today. Can’t tear myself away! Great Blog. I had my DNA checked a few years ago thinking I was part American Indian; found I am 92 % europian, 4% asian, & 4% african! That leaves 0% for American Indian, but guess you figures that one out.

    My prayers are with you, Que, and your family. Thankfully, from the sounds of your blogs, you and she are intelligent enough to recognize a lump early enough to avoid (hopefully) a life-threat, as well as intelligent enough to know true ignorance when you hear & see it. I wish your families all the best. Will check back to try to keep up with you guys. Good luck & God Bless.

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